Thursday, March 18, 2010

Standing on a Hill for 100 Years

“You see, the final result is going to stand on that hill a hundred years or more. Long after we are gone, it will be pointed out as the Ennis House and pilgrimages will be made to it by lovers of the beautiful – from everywhere.”

- Quoted from the Ennis House Foundation Fact Sheet and taken from a letter written by Frank Lloyd Wright to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ennis (1924)

One of four homes in the Los Angeles area built with concrete block and art glass, the Ennis house stood the test of time and many owners until, when damaged by the aftermath of an earthquake in 1994 and by an unprecedented amount of rainfall in 2004, the Ennis house was placed on the 11 Most Endangered List by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. These events stimulated the formation of the Ennis House Foundation in 2005 to preserve the home and provide the loving attention needed to restore the home to its original beauty.

Due to the market economy and costs to restore the home, the Foundation placed the Ennis House on the market for sale to private buyers, listing the house with Hilton & Hyland and Dilbeck Realtors in Los Angeles and with international marketing services provided by Christie’s Great Estates.

To most, a house becomes a home. A home becomes tied together with memories of one’s first child, or of a college graduation ceremony in the backyard, or a wedding reception, or a stolen kiss. It is the rare home that is imbued with memories and which, itself, is a work of art. The Ennis house is just such a house . . .

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