Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You, the Reader

Google has added a new feature to blogs which allows blog writers to review statistics about blog readers (in the aggregate). This addition has provided me with an understanding about the posts that are most read and searched by visitors to this blog. For instance, posts about the Singer Bowl and the Playboy Pad are widely read and searched. And, visitors to this blog, while principally from the U.S., also come from Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Serbia, the Netherlands, Australia and many other countries (surprisingly, however, not Sweden!)

While I write "when the spirit moves me," I'd like to ask you what you would be interested in reading about Don Erickson and his work. I have many stories to tell, and many photos to offer.

Please contact me, or provide comments on this page, if you would like to submit information that you may have on Don's work and/or its history or if you have articles about Don's buildings that you would like to see. E-mails can be submitted to

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