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Don Erickson Residence Featured in the Press

Don and Shirley Erickson Wed
About 1 and 1/2 years after Don's residence was built in Barrington, Illinois, a tornado ripped through Lake Zurich and Barrington, and destroyed multiple homes.  Don's home, built with flat roofs more in keeping with the Prairie Style, was one of these homes.

"Tornado Destroys House," Des Plaines Suburban Times, Pg. 1, 1967

Indomitable, Don and his family rebuilt the home, this time, with "pagoda" style roofs that reached for the sky.  Don's second home, built on the foundation of the original home, was added on to, expanding into a nearly 7,000 square foot home of private bedrooms and entertainment rooms where concerts could be played to a small audience.

"Custom Ideas," House & Home, Pg.86-87, features the award winning Seidel home and the Erickson residence.  March 1971.

The fireplace in the living room of Don's residence was featured on the cover of the book, "Book of Fireplaces: How to Build, Decorate and Use Them," 19th edition, R.J. and Marie-Jeanne Lyttle. 1972

"At Home," Suburban edition of the Chicago Tribune, displays Mazur's sculptures hanging through Don's Barrington home. July 12, 1979.

"Just Wright: Erickson's Home Hugs the Earth," Northwest Herald, Sec. E, Page 3, January 13, 2000.

"In the Large Shadow of Frank Lloyd Wright, Former Student Forges his Own Destiny," Blue Prints, November 12, 2001.


The Inverness home that Don designed for his parents, Ebba and Gunnar Erickson in 1951, and which is now for sale, was discussed in the following early publications:

"Items from Inverness," Daily Herald, August 15, 1952.

"How Chicago Lives," Chicago Daily News, Page 49, December 1,1954.

"Items from Inverness," Daily Herald, December 9, 1954.  David and Violet Gustafson purchase the Inverness home from Ebba and Gunnar Erickson.

For an inside view of the architect's residence, please see sidebar to this blog, and look for "Tour the Architect's Home" and "Inside the Architect's Home."  Both the architect's home and the house that he first designed for his parents (Ebba and Gunnar Erickson) are for sale.

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