Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Erickson had a Style Uniquely His Own

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Price: $1,000,000

The Skinny: The late Organic architect Don Erickson spent three years as an apprentice to, Frank Lloyd Wright, an experience that convinced him to abandon a life as an aspiring concert pianist and turn to architecture instead. Judging from the home he designed for himself and his family, Erickson also took inspiration from the tropics. The "Jamaican roofs," extensive indoor flora, and an indoor pool abutting the living room are certainly rare features in an Illinois home...but the next buyer would be getting quite the deal. Originally listed for $3.9M, the 10-acre property endured a series of serious price chops, all the way down to its current ask of $1M. Quite a savings, but for the less intrepid house hunter, the architect's abode is also available for rent at $3K per month. Try before you buy, perhaps?

Try Before You Buy?

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