Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Preserving the Architectural Legacy of Don Erickson

I am pleased that visitors from Hawaii to Arizona to Texas and beyond have visited my blog. I hope that I have captured your attention and whetted your appetite for more updates, if not succeeded in securing your contributions, large or small.

In today’s economic environment, art – in the form of architecture - sometimes suffers the fate of the wrecking ball. The “Round House,” underwent such a fate as did the Gustafson home, both homes designed by Don in the 1950’s, one of which was featured in Life magazine for its architectural bravery. Even the Ennis house, one which Wright expected to survive for 100 years, is listed for sale, the foundation unable to raise the monies required to restore the home to its former glory. (See side bar concerning all three homes...)

Don’s house aired on NBC TV’s “Open House” on March 14, 2010. (See “Invitation to Our House” to the right of this message.) And, while the TV airing shows the home unadorned with the hand-built furniture and art collection that used to be resident in the home, it depicts the unadulterated beauty of the design and construction of Don's home. Photos of the home, furnished, are included here, to show how loving attention to detail add warmth to the surroundings, surroundings that make a house a home.

Don’s house is close to 7,000 square feet, inclusive of the “coach” house where at least one apprentice lived. Nestled in the woods, on a private expanse of ten acres of land, the house should be owned by an architectural aficionado – someone who appreciates living in a work of art, for that’s what Don’s home is – a beautiful sculpture done in brick, mortar and wood.

A PayPal donation “button” appears to the right of this message to help preserve his architectural legacy. Please contact me, personally, for more details by email and a follow-up telephone conversation. For every donation valued at $1,000 or more, Shirley Erickson (see link to the right of this message), has agreed to donate one of the following signed prints of your choice. Choices are as follows: 1) Ruffed Grouse, or 2) Timberdoodle. Details about each of these prints can be found on the blog, “Shirley Erickson, Artist.”

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