Monday, May 10, 2010

House of the Rising Sun

There are now two opportunities to own a Don Erickson home. Don's own home is listed for sale. Situated on 10 acres of land in picturesque Barrington, the home itself is in a private setting and comes with its own guest home, converted from a barn where Shirley and Don raised Arabian horses, and rode them on their land and in and around Barrington. See links on the side-bar of this blog.

The Richardson home, home to the late Mrs. Richardson and her former husband, CEO of Richardson Electronics, is located on Lake-Cook Road in Barrington. See link, "House of the Rising Sun."

"Floating hall" is similar to that used for the Playboy Pad in Johnsburg, Illinois. The Richardson house also features the use of chains from great ships, foreshadowing their use in Hilton's Indian Lakes Hotel.

Please contact me, or provide comments on this page, if you would like to submit information that you may have on the work and/or its history. And, if you would like to contribute to championing the preservation of the Don Erickson Legacy, please email me at the address posted under my profile.

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