Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The McNeal Home Today

The McNeal home today...Like Grey Gardens, the Long Island home that had "gone to seed" from disrepair, this home has seen better days. One wonders what happened to the McNeals?

Photos courtesy of Richard Erickson

For photos of the home when built, please see April 14, 2010 post entitled, "The McNeal home."

Please contact me, or provide comments on this page, if you would like to submit information that you may have on the work and/or its history. And, if you would like to contribute to championing the preservation of the Don Erickson Legacy, please email me at the address posted under my profile.

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Lou Zucaro said...

According to Google Maps, the home is actually in Kirkland, IL (maybe the town lines have changed since it was first built?)

Also, Karyn, I've tried to contact you a couple of times via the e-mail address listed on this site.

Would you contact me at so we can discuss your father's work? I'd like to help in the preservation of it if possible.

Thank you so much for keeping this blog!